ICON Infiltration for White Spots

Reclaim the radiance of your teeth with this gentle and non-invasive treatment that magically diminishes white spots, restoring a smooth and luminous appearance to your enamel.

Icon resin infiltration is a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that can improve the appearance of white spot lesions on teeth. This treatment involves the infiltration of a special resin material into the porous enamel of the tooth, which can help to reduce the appearance of white spots and improve the overall look of the tooth.

The Process

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We use a special gel to open up the pores of the enamel on the affected tooth.


Then, we will apply a resin material to the tooth, which will seep into the enamel and reduce the appearance of white spots.


Finally, we will use a curing light to harden the resin material and create a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Frequently asked questions

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